My Day At Summer School Essay

My Day At Summer School Essay

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What is the last thing you would went hear as a student? Being told that you have to repeat the same grade, again. I have gotten this news in the 8th grade, which for a lot of people is weird because they would usually get left back within the 1st or 2nd grade. During the regular school year I had failed the finally English Exam, which lead to going to summer school where I taking an English class and retaking the English Exam. However, going to the last day to find out my result was a depressing because I had found out that I had failed the exam.
Showing up, a few minutes late for the last day of summer school because I know this was my life, this result is going to tell me if I go to high school or not. Standing a block away from my middle school, MS145, seeing everyone that had attended to summer school was standing outside talking to one another. While standing a block away, breathing heavily, my heart pumping 100 miles per hours, and panicking as if the world is going to end for me if. Within a few minutes of standing, I ended up walking to the school. While walking to the school I spotted my friends at a distance and had gone to they. When I meet up with my friends they told me that, they had already gotten their results from summer school. As they were getting their results, they over heard a the principle and a few other teacher mansion my name and how he did not pass the test, so in short he failed summer school and going to repeat the 8th grade. When they told me this my heart skipped a beat but remember that they was another Eric but spelled Erik. Once I heard this, I had to find out, were they talking about me. SO I just told my friends I been back I’m going to find out my test results.
Walking my way to the main entra...

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...ut it. In school, people will look at me and ask what is wrong or why the change in emotion. I would just tell them to leave me alone or “fuck off.”
When my mom and I finally left the meeting and told what is going to happen such as, repeat the 8th grade. We went home, this is where I get another speech from my mom and sister about why they believe I get left back. The divorce between my mom and dad. But, how I was very close to my dad and now that he is not in the picture I am change and not wanting to thing done. However, my mom called him and told him what had happen. This get me even mad because the main reason why I get life back was going I have a learning disability which is dyslexia. Dyslexia is having a problem read and writing so English class will come very hard for me. In addition, being a formal ESL (English as a Second Language) also goes in to account.

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