Narrative Essay On Spelling Bee

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The day I lost my class spelling bee in seventh grade was the day my life changed in ways I never thought would happen. Fourth grade up until that time, I had made it to the Regional Spelling Bee at UMES every year in March where if I won, then I would venture to Washington D.C. to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. Studying with my mom had become a paramount part of my life while preparing, and all I had experienced was success until that day.
It was sometime in mid-January 2016, and I had just arrived back home from the Philippines. I believed I was ready, but of course I still felt nervous, so when my English teacher, Mrs. Phillips, announced we were having our class spelling bee, I started shaking. We all stood up, and as rounds went by, I looked around and saw many of my
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We drove to her office because that was where I had my weekly coaching with my amazing spelling bee mentor, Mrs. Willett. Finally, we arrived, and when my mom came to greet us, she also sensed something was wrong. Building up all the courage I could, I explained to her what happened with my voice cracking while I held back tears. She said nothing, but I could tell she was furious, and after a few minutes, she started to yell, telling me I should have been more serious, I should have worked harder, how did I get that word wrong. By then I was in a full out breakdown; being already distraught from, I could not handle her anger. After he finished, my mom told us to go home, and she walked out, but before we left ourselves, I FaceTimed my coach, told her the events of the day, and had a very emotional conversation. At the end, she said that we would take it easy for now, but start to work very hard for Nationals. Then we said our
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