Effects Of Failing A Student

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Failing a student in a class can be used as a tool to achieve accountability of a student, however the cost of this can be devastating to a student. Failing a student can have long last effects on the student 's outcome in life. School provides the skills to be successful in careers and failing a student could lead to the student not entering the career field they choose. Students should not be failed in school in many circumstances, failing a student can have long lasting problems on the students life. Failing a student at the high school level of education can be repaired by additional classes in a night school or during the summer. However certain classes might not be able to be retaken, based on when the student failed the class. If the student…show more content…
The effects of failing a class can lead to the student requiring to change majors due to not being able to retake the class. As an example a major that requires a high level of math could not be achieved if the student has been banned for retaking the class. However this can usually be overcome by letters to petition to retake the class. If the student fails the class, their overall grade point average will be severely be effected, however having marginal grades already would not help. The large amount of time required to complete college classes is also wasted if the student fails. Depending on the overall percentage, teachers should consider by their own judgment to round grades to passing when they feel that the student has made the effort to participate in a class. While it should not be the teacher 's responsibility to have every student pass in their class, failing a class can set back a student to completing their degree up to year if the classes that are needed are only in select terms in the year. Barriers in learning can cause low grades and failure in class if they are not addressed by the help of
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