Essay on My Current Line Of Work By My First Supervisor

Essay on My Current Line Of Work By My First Supervisor

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I was changed in my current line of work by my first supervisor. The man that was supposed to teach each of us how to walk, talk, and be army. This man not only taught me everything I need to do to be successful but was a firsthand example of what not to do in the short three years that I knew him he went form the teacher to the student as I went from the student to the teacher. This is how I started my career.

As a young PVT in the military I was given a SGT that was to mentor me and grow me to my full potential, make me ready to lead soldiers. I learned many things from SGT George, such as what to wear when to wear it were to be what time to be there. As my noncommissioned officer it was his job to not only tell me were to be and what time to be there but, to act more as a guardian if I got in trouble he would get in trouble. He thought me all he could before the first time it came to my realization that maybe the person I was fallowing was not the person I wanted to be in the army. He got in trouble for something very small and lost his position now as an equal he struggled for p...

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