Essay on My Company Pl Open A Small Cafe

Essay on My Company Pl Open A Small Cafe

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Question 1(a)
Executive Summary
My company plan is open a small cafe in CBD. My Café will be located on the West Street, Near Auckland University. Because mostly students visit café for food, entertainment and coffee and they enjoy some time with their friends. So my café fulfill students all needs and provide opportunities to enjoy with friends and colleagues.
The name of my café is star bean cafe. Every year approximate 50,000 to 80,000 student and 10, 0,000 visitor are entered in New Zealand so that my main goal are those students and as well as local people and commercial people.
Cafe amenities
We provide snacks and all types’ coffee and cold drinks’, shakes, mock tailsetc.
Separate large hall for special events and parties.
Provide special cookie and chocolate
Big LED’s screens for songs and some game for children’s.
Colorful decoration and live soft music play with special DJ lights.
Free wifi for customers
At the starting I would like to do internal and external analysis like SWOT. Which will helps me to create in the market, also helps me for making the strong business strategy and for running the star bean café successfully.

Health and diet conscious :-
My café sell so many healthy food options. My café has a salad bar with fresh, nutrient rich salads and soups for sale every day, coffee, cold drinks, along with some healthy treats to keep you going if you have a sugar craving.
All smoothies and fresh juices are well worth checking out, some of which come with added vegan protein powder. The best thing about café is all the healthy food products on sale that customers can use to make the most delicious lunches and dinners. Take home their coffee and wraps and fills them up like you would a regular sandwich. ...

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... for very long time period & like the all services.
• They approach under extravagance centre. (Automobiles, laptops)
• This customer age 45-55 years only
• They are brand loyal.
• They are brand switchers to picky brand for superior services.
• Newspapers, Magazines, internet, references, books
• No, they are not price sensitive. They don’t compromise with their product for services. They similar to pay more for enhanced services.
• Jaguar automobiles, apple laptops.
Question 2(b):-
Marketing segmentation is organizing exacting group of people/consumer who share one or more common interest to use same commodity. It is most important strategy of marketers and helps in placing product in market successfully.
Mainly Segmenting helps in targeting the group of customer and selling the product for example every one drink coffee but which type, we never know.

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