My Career Development : Application And Decision Making Essay

My Career Development : Application And Decision Making Essay

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My journey to my professional development began when I decided to pursue accounting studies in university. Growing up, I always had an aptitude for mathematics and problem solving which later led me to pursuing studies in accounting and finance. During my undergraduate program, I learned from case-based analysis where we were asked to assume the role of managers in order to develop analysis and decision making skills. Throughout this process, I gained valuable skills such as interpersonal skills, ability to analyze complex cases, communication skills and ability to work in teams. As many new graduates can admit to it, despite one’s excellent academic achievement, the work place comes with its challenges that require a balanced set of skills.
My professional development began right after I completed my undergraduate studies. I landed a position as an accounting analyst in a multinational organization, which exposed me to most aspects of the real workplace world. Throughout this experience, I was given an opportunity to learn new skills, expand knowledge and other abilities anyone in the industry should grasp in order to be effective and efficient. As I progressed through the accounting field, I realized that I prefer working in a structured environment and performed better in teams where members share knowledge and expertise openly towards common objectives.
Additionally, one of the greatest opportunities I have been given is a chance to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Working in a multicultural environment has given me a broader view of our world and an appreciation of my cultural differences in comparison to others. Also, this provided me with an opportunity to develop communication skills in order to be...

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...nd allow me to maintain good relationships with my colleagues. The first technique that appealed to me is the “fogging” technique. As explained by Sue Bishop in her book called “ Develop your Assertiveness”, with fogging, you are not necessarily agreeing with the criticism, just acknowledging that other person may have a point. You offer no resistance, so the other person has nothing to argue against[ Develop your assertiveness. Sue Bishop. Third edition 2013, page 117]. I am more comfortable using this technique, as I believe that responding to criticism by being defensive or counter-attaching does not help in most cases. The second method “the stuck record technique” employs the key assertive skill of 'calm persistence '. This is an especially useful skill to use when dealing with aggressive people[ Assertiveness and the manager’s job. Annie Philips. 2002, page 36]

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