Reflection On Emotional Intelligence

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Journal Reflection - Entry 2 Knowledge comes from learning Emotional intelligence is all about recognizing, understanding and regulating the sub-conscious or the emotions that drive us. Emotions are often thought as irrational or “nonintellectual” feelings that are beyond our control. However, emotions are complex states of mind and body, consisting of physiological, behavioral, and cognitive reactions to situations that can be managed and directed1. Self-awareness and self-knowledge are the fundamental building blocks of emotional intelligence. By being aware of one’s emotional state we can manage and communicate feelings in a more constructive way. By exhibiting emotional intelligence we get better in negotiation and conflict resolution, and hence enhance our capacity to understand the needs and desires of others2. One of the important aspect of leadership is to recognize the needs of others so that they can be met in a way that encourages higher performance and workplace satisfaction3. Wisdom comes from living…show more content…
About six months back, I joined the consulting firm Altran North America, soon after joining I was put in charge of a critical project. The project was behind schedule and over budget, and I found myself in a huge mess. Project priorities were shifting daily, team members were engaged in firefighting activities, emotions were running loose and the future of the project looked very bleak. I knew I had to change the situation, but how? This is where emotional intelligence helped, by regulating my emotions I was able to communicate with the key stakeholders of this project, I understood what the real needs and desires were and then by acting on them I could deliver results. The process took time, but delivered positive results, the team is in a much better state and the project was a
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