Essay on My Birthday - Original Writing

Essay on My Birthday - Original Writing

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It was my mother’s birthday, I forgot which birthday it was. Two weeks before that day, I was thinking about what should I do for her birthday. I thought about getting her a present and a card, but it seemed to me too dull. I wonder what can I do to let her remember that birthday for the rest of her life, although I cannot remember which birthday it was. I thought of one thing that I always wanted to change about birthday — the cake. I was young and I believed that the cake was really important for birthdays. Previously, the cakes were standard, they taste and look average, they were either chocolate or vanilla flavored with standard bakery decorations on the them, on top, they were always slapped on a white chocolate “Happy Birthday” sign. There I go, I can bake a cake for her from scratch, a unique one which she will never forget about.
I started right away. I researched for designs for the cake, something elegant. Then I had to decide what flavor should the cake be, oh well, I chose chocolate. I thought it was the safest option. But I wanted it to have a twist, I went with putting two types of chocolate cake together, mousse on top of sponge. After I gathered all the information I needed, I had to go shopping. I went to various DIY cake shops to get everything I needed. Last but not least, I have to put all the things together.

First thing first, I have to do research. I went to bookstores and online to search for recipes and the design for the cake. You may choose to go to the library, but the book there are relatively old and the designs will be little dull. I did not purchase any books in the bookstore, I just took a picture of what I think is suitable. That way I can save some money since cook books are very...

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...ith the chocolate pen and add sprinkles on top and sides of the cake.
My mother’s birthday was just one day away, I have to hide it away so it would not be found out. I have to put into a deep conner of the fridge, covering up with sauces and drinks, hoping for the best my mother will not find out.
The day was here, I showed it to her, I saw the smile of her face. That was the best prize I have for making this cake to her. The whole experience was awesome, I know many of you may wonder that was not special at all. But to me, it was the very first time that I actually made something for my parents. Seeing my mother showing off her son’s abilities and warmness, as a young child, I was proud. Even though, there were many birthday cakes I had that were way tastier and much more stylish than mine, yet they all miss something, little sprinkles of love from a son.

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