Music Vs. Visual Arts Essay examples

Music Vs. Visual Arts Essay examples

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Music is a category of art all of its own. It has a strong power (per se) because it complements the being. It is pleasing to us without our even noticing most times that this is what it accomplishes. Music is more satisfying than the feeling of working on a mathematical equation; it touches our souls and reflects us inwardly and completely. It is a precise construct and can’t be held in equal comparison with the visual arts. While music is neither an internalized contentment that cannot definitively be explained nor is needed to be learned to fully enjoy it.
Music is a precise construct and cannot be held in equal comparison with visual art. In order to be able to discuss most works of art, the arts have to be known before the discussion. No prior education or discipline is required to examine music. It could exist independently without any other forms of art of any other understanding of art. It is through music and internal contentment to its owner that cannot be explained with a precise definition. “Music is a copy of the will itself,” and not a copy of an idea or an...

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