Music Tuition And Academic Results Essay

Music Tuition And Academic Results Essay

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In our current society, it is almost guaranteed that every person has in some way been involved with or influenced by music. Some take pleasure in it, some pursue it as a career, and others centre their lives on it. It is not uncommon to meet someone who has taken some form of musical tuition, learning the art of sound. This includes people such as myself, a dedicated pianist, taking lessons once a week for 9 years. The impact that musical tuition has on these students is near limitless, but what about when it comes to the classroom? Is it possible in some way to apply the skills developed through persistent practices and performances to taking tests or writing essays? Perhaps learning an instrument in some way shapes the brain to better retain information. The evidence certainly seems to suggest that yes, there is a correlation between music tuition and academic results.
The concept of a left brain/right brain is common when referring to neurology. It dictates that each half of the brain has specific functions in which it excels in – the left hemisphere in propositional, analytical, and serial processing of incoming information, and the right in its processing of images, parallel processing, facial recognition, and pattern and map recognition. Applied to real life scenarios, the left excels in maths, language, reasoning, and analysis, whereas the right in art and creativity . It was commonly believed that music involved only the right side of the brain, but this is not true. When playing an instrument, both sides of the brain are engaged in aspects of activity, as shown by table 1.0. These are all pivotal aspects in playing an instrument successfully. As a result, music’s dual-side tendencies increases the volume and activity in...

... middle of paper ... in their abilities.
Music truly has the ability to shape a young child’s brain for the better, which will greatly affect them in the long term. However, this does not directly cause a student to be a high achiever – there are far too many factors that influence academic results. Even the smartest student with the quickest brain may receive poor results due to a lack of motivation, or poor organisation. And while music does aid in developing these skills as well as creating stronger links in the brain to help process information faster, this simply increases a student’s potential. It is entirely dependent on each individual student whether or not this potential is utilized. As a result, musical tuition certainly can have a correlation between academic results, and a positive one at that – especially if musical tuition began at or prior to the age of seven years.

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