The Murder Of A Famous Politician Essay

The Murder Of A Famous Politician Essay

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The murder of a famous individual such as a religious leader, politician, famous celebrity or a royal is known as an assassination. Regardless of the reason that provoked the assassinations, they all ended in the death of a public figure known by all and in most cases loved by the general public which is the reason so much attention is brought to their death in the first place. In some cases, the assassinations have caused chaos and even triggered civil wars. Assassinations can be tracked back for as long as governments and tribes have existed and are not bound by borders of a specific country and spread all over the world in history. Most assassinations are backed by clear motives be it religious idealism, politics, jealousy or revenge. However, killings today are becoming more than a tool in struggles between rulers as opposed to the past and are additionally utilized for political imagery. The ten most famous political leaders who have been assassinated worldwide include Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, John F. Kennedy of USA, Indira Gandhi of India, Martin Luther King Jr. of USA, Abra...

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