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  • Basement Construction: Types Of Basement Construction

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    Basement construction Types of Basements The type of basement I have chosen for this design is an in ground basement because I think it is best suited and will create so much room underneath the building. The ground that the two storey basement building is located on is water logged so the foundations will have to be able to take the whole weight of the building without any future movement from the soil, so I have decided to use secant piles because I think they are the most suitable for this type

  • Basement Narrative

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    watch TV!” I hollered up to her. “Okay Tosh. Why are you going to basement? We never go down there. But by that time I was rushing down the stairs, excited to watch the season finale of The Flash. When I arrive at the basement floor, I looked around curiously. There was a thin layer of dust on every surface; spider webs in many of the cracks and crevices, and a bunch of junk my dad rich dad used to store and this dingy basement. My dad died in the chemical experiment; he was very crazy and he just

  • Gothic Elements in House of Leaves

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    expects it to be short and it takes only five minutes to descend. The house bends to their expectations. The house is similar to the mind in other ways. It houses inner demons and fears, which can be heard stalking its prey. It also contains a "basement"... ... middle of paper ... ...the bottom of the page. When they were at the top of the stairs the words were at the top. Another example is the section on Holloway. In it there are missing words, missing pieces of words, and even missing sentences

  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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    deserted by the new supermarket in town. The movie begins with the “yearly ritual” of Gilbert and Arnie watching the caravans that pass along the road. Gilbert’s adversity seems to have started when his father hung himself seventeen years ago in their basement, which in turn drove his mother to obesity and a life confined to only their home. His mother has become a “burden” on him and he feels ashamed and humiliated by her. Gilbert even regards his mother as “a beached whale,” and at one point lifts a

  • Raving Is A Lifestyle

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    senses and take out the pills. I stare at mine and sweat nervously. I have never really done drugs before, and I am going to put a pill in my mouth that someone that I do not know has manufactured in their basement. Little did I know that this was a common theme in the scene, quality control for basement pharmaceuticals is a difficult thing. I down the ecstasy and wait nervously for some thing to happen to feel something that had been extensively described to me, but for which I still had no idea what

  • This Old House on Sycamore Hill

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    approaching. Out of the car stepped two men. One tall and i... ... middle of paper ... ...hone out of his pocket and turned on the camera. Even though he supported the old house, he was wary to move around too much in fear of falling into the basement. He tried to stay where he was — he would not be going upstairs. The picture he snapped of the old, wooden stairs would hopefully explain his motives. The men left and the house was left alone for a month’s worth of sunsets before that day came.

  • Allusions In Invisible Man

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    allusions, Dante's Inferno is referred to in the Prologue as well. Invisible Man relates the action of going to his home in the basement of the apartment building to descending into Hell. He comments that his “hole is warm and full of light... I doubt that there is a brighter spot in all of New York than this hole of mine..” (6.) This “hole” that the narrator refers to is the basement home that he discovers later in the novel. This is when he also realizes and accepts his invisibility. At this time the Invisible

  • The Black Cat: A Comparison Between The Movie And The Book

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    out that the white spot on its chest resembled the Gallows! The cat made the man trip in his basement one day. So he picked up an ax to kill the cat, and his wife stepped in the way and he put the ax through her brains. The man decided to hide the body and the cat behind a bricked up wall in the basement. The police came and looked at everything. Just before they left, they heard a noise from the basement wall. So they tore the bricks down. Thus they discovered the body and the black cat. The film

  • Physics of a Fire

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    propane, butane and 'natural' gas. If a fire broke out in your home today, would you automatically know which fire extinguisher to use? What would happen if you used a Class A fire extinguisher on a fire in the electrical service panel in your basement? Answer: you'd possibly be electrocuted if the extinguishing agent is a liquid! A long time ago, the fire protection industry recognized the need to classify extinguishers according to the many kinds of burning materials encountered in a fire

  • Structural Makeup of the Commercial Building

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    • Beam Calculations • Load Trace • Choice of Materials • Conclusion Introduction This report will investigate the structural makeup of the commercial building we are working on as part of the Studio 2 module. The building has a single-storey basement that is to be used for car parking, with 5 upper storeys comprising of a café and open plan offices. This report investigates firstly the site that the building is situated on, secondly, the structural make-up of the building, thirdly the load trace

  • A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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    his household. Besides telling her child that she hated him and wished him dead Dave’s mother put him through tremendous physical pain and abuse. From a young child till the fifth grade Dave Pelzer had been made to sleep away from the family in the basement in a small army cot. He was starved for days and days on end. His mother longed for any time to severely beat him, it made her day, she would think of morbid things all day to do to him when he got home from school. Among many other things, Dave

  • Comparing Character in Child by Tiger and Most Dangerous Game

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    the coast line, and his first thought was that he had come upon a village, for there were many lights" (11). Today, it would be ludicrous for a man to own an island all by himself. Conversely, Dick Prosser lives more realistically. He lives in a basement room of a home belonging to a white family. Wolfe explains, "The bare board floor was always cleanly swept, a plain bare ...

  • Dream House

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    beautiful there all the time. The structure of a house is a very important part of construction of the house. The house is going to have two stories and a full basement. There will be windows with shutters on each side of the house. There will also be windows in the basement where some of the ground has been dug out so light can get into the basement. There will be a deck facing the lake around the first and second floor of the house. The purpose of having the deck in that position is so anybody can go

  • A Child Called It

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    his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother; a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games that left one of her sons nearly dead. She no longer considered him a son, but a slave; no longer a boy, but an 'it'. His bed was an old army cot in the basement, his clothes were torn and smelly, and when he was allowed the luxury of food it was scraps from the dogs' bowl. The outside world knew nothing of the nightmare played out behind closed doors. Dave dreamed of finding a family to love him and call

  • My Uncle Killed Himself

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    callus on my thumb, about the gay kid with the neckstrap who was first chair clarinet, as i lamented the fact I could NEVER play this music, that i wouldn't get any better in that small practice, so WHY bother- my uncle killed himself. in the basement of his very own house at that, with a gun. his two little girls and pregnant wife left him, and he took his own life. at the memorial, our pastor spoke of God, of how even "Jesus wept" at a friend's death (excuse my ignorance, i know not much

  • Renting A House

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    school. When I was writing e-mail, one of my roommates backed home. He was going to pay a deposit of the room and he told me that the house has some more vacant room available. We went to see the room. There were two vacant rooms; one was on the basement another was on the first floor.

  • How to Babysit Four Kids

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    Meghan screaming. Tim is mercilessly teasing her by hiding her teddy bear.  Pat is hollering from the basement at Tim; and the phone is ringing.  The ringing stops, which means Maura got it. When Meghan hears me enter she runs crying "Tim's teasing me and I'm hungry."  I ask the kids, "Why didn't you feed her?"  Tim responds, "she didn't say she was hungry."  Pat runs up from the basement and reminds me I have to take him to guitar practice now or he'll be late. Maura bounces down the steps

  • Little Yellow Dog, Long Goodby

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    Rawlins both experience immense physical challenges. At one point in The Little Yellow Dog, Rawlins finds himself mixed up in a murder case. The police suspect Easy to be withholding information simply because he is black. He is escorted through the basement of the Hollywood Police Station, where it is described as “thirty or so men living in cages underground. Like livestock waiting for some further shame to be laid on them. Like sharecroppers or slaves living in shanty shacks on the edge of a plantation

  • Skipping Christmas

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    room to room. She finally lay back in bed, rolling and flinching and moving, trying to get the attention of Luther so she could talk about Blair’s safety again. Luther didn’t move, and when Nora was finally asleep, he snuck out of the room to the basement office to evaluate last Christmas’s spending. He found that $6,100 was spent on Christmas. With this new information, he took a trip down to the travel agency during work the next day. He made his choice the 10 day Island Princess cruise. That night

  • Designing A House

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    dimension, but do not underdimension, carefully check every dimension, to see if it was duplicated or noted beforehand. Now will come the basement plan, dimension everything accordingly and show all needed floor supports. The needs for this house are different because of it's large design, lolly columns are neccisary. Label everything. When your done with the basement and floor plans you should construct a electrical plan and plumbing plan, the electrical plan is necessary in this project, but the