Mulan: A Woman on a Mission Essay

Mulan: A Woman on a Mission Essay

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Mulan (Revised)

Disney proclaims that the adaptations of the Chinese story of Mulan is to transform ethnic materials into a “timeless” or “universal” classic (Kurtti 1998). Peter Schneider, Disney Feature Animation President, avers that “the search for who we are, the search for self, it an ever-ongoing process and universal theme” (Kurtti 1998, 189). Guided by this principle, Disney appropriated the Mulan story into its typical formula of a hero’s journey of self-discovery. The film features Mulan as a tomboyish girl who could not fit in the traditional gender role in China. She dressed like a man and went to fight the war against the Huns in her father’s place. Only in the military – a men’s world traditionally – Mulan could “be true to herself” and prove herself. Eventually Mulan single-handedly won the war, saved the Chinese kingdom, and lived happily ever after (Brown, 64-66). This, in my opinion is an interesting message to the world, that reflect how women can achieve anything in this world given the strength, courage and bravery that she could attain in a man’s dominated world. Mulan represents a women of substance, who achieved great heights due to her courage. This is a very insightful and thought-provoking message that highly justifies the idea behind the story.
"Mulan" is a full-length animated film, released June 19 1998 by studio Walt Disney Pictures. The film laid medieval Chinese poem about Hua Mulanje, a woman came into the army. Animation was the first of three that created in the studio of Disney-MGM Studios in Orland, Florida. Film directed by Tony Bancroft and, Barry Cook and the film is part of a "revival" of the Disney films. They are the technical characteristics of the first Disney cartoon, which used...

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...ny arguments about the men’s world, in which women is perceived to be behind the homely confines, thus they are never appreciated gaining any substantial place in the army. Mulkan asserted herself to these heights, using her self-confidenec and enlightenment of being a women. She did not hesitate being what she was, and attained superiority of characters through the pursuit of a great mission.

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