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Exam Essay Historically, women have been excluded from combat roles. On the surface, it is because men, who have always thought of themselves better and stronger than women, believed that females could not handle the responsibility of holding a combat position and women are rupturing the socially constructed gender norms that were set in place. According to Nicole Dombrowski, “no other topic concerning women’s role in war creates as great a debate as the question of women’s active participation in combat units.” The benefits for the expansion of women’s roles in the military advantage not only the women but the military as well. In comparison, the drawbacks of expansion of women’s roles are usually disadvantages to the men within the military. Drawbacks of expanding women’s roles in the military Society has placed strict gender norms on both males and females and these norms are suppose to be rigid and fixed. Yet, when women become were fighting for the right to be a part of the military institution, they were challenging the gender norms. Throughout the readings in our class, one main and recurring drawback of why women have been excluded from combat roles is because these women were challenging the social gender norms. According to Segal, it is difficult to include women into the military because of social construction of gender; women have to be perceived as changing to fit the military. Dowler claims as well that women in combat roles are “out of place” from the acceptable gender norms. She claims that even today, combat roles are only defined as such if women aren’t in that specific role. Dombrowski as well says that it is fascinating how the male-dominated institution of the military expresses their fear of women inte... ... middle of paper ... ...en to the female soldiers. To come back to the last point, there are always sexual distractions in any career field, so why is it used to limit women’s integration in the military, when most cases of sexual based offences are done by male soldiers? Women in the military are more vulnerable than men, because they are the ones being raped by their male soldiers. Marti Ribeiro was raped by her colleague. She tried to report it but if she were to file a complaint, she would be charged because she had her weapon unattended in a combat zone. To add, Lieut. Kelly Flinn was the first woman to fly a B-52 bomber was being charged with having a sexual affair with a civilian man. This is why the accountability people fight against women being integrated into the military; they believe that it puts themselves at risk as well as the unit-cohesion that puts the nation at risk.

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