Essay Movie Review : Film Industry

Essay Movie Review : Film Industry

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Going to the movies can be one of the most exciting things to a young child. This event can normally be thought of as special because they might get to have soda, popcorn, and candy while sitting in a dark room with comfortable chairs. While sounded by this darkness they do not become scared because of the projection of the film on the screen that is coming from behind them. The start to experience something that they might not be able into in real life, such as watching a superhero at work. This special day out can be ruined very quickly if you start to think about what is actually being viewed and how. The chairs and the darkness sends the message to the body it is okay to relax almost to the point of sleep. Then the images on the big screen in front become allow viewing of things that some people might only dream about, which is almost what watching a movie is. With this kind of power one would think the film industry would take this opportunity to send positive messages to its viewers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
For many years the film industry has faced scrutiny about the content they put out for many people to see. This started when people began to see the traditional male gaze in classic Hollywood Cinema. This is when the camera is representing how a heterosexual, white male looks at the world. This issue was especially a hot button topic for the feminist movement. In these types of films, the camera can either have the point of view of a person or of a narrative of a film. The first kind of POV has the camera represent that the person watching is part of the movie instead of just observing it. This is done in Lady of the Lake; the film is shown many times through the main character’s eyes. This creates ...

... middle of paper ... the time watching. The camera is typically showing a narrator’s point of view for the viewer to experience. These means the person watching can experience things that they would not be able to in real life. this can include watching a personal experience up close and personal or a murder at all different angles. Being the watcher in an environment like a movie theater starts to shape the thoughts of the viewer. Because of the comfort provided a person can go into a dream like state. This will allow them to think what they are seeing in front of them is their own thought. This is why it is important to put positive imaging in front of them. Having diverse characters and not playing into stereotypes is a way to do this. While there have been many advancements since the era of classic Hollywood Cinema, there is still room for improvement every new film that is made.

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