Which Is A Worse Experience To Be Born Into Slavery In The Movie Analysis

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5.Which is a worse experience to be born into slavery and never know freedom or to be free and taken into slavery? It is much worse to be free and taken into slavery. Once the person have tasted freedom, slavery will be more than unbearable for him/her. When the person is free, the person is respected and independent. Once the person is taken into slavery, the person is being dehumanized. The sudden change from free to enslaved is certainly unbearable; just like the movie, Solomon is tormented by the idea of enslavement at night. Although it is sad that a person who was born into slavery never knew how it feels to be free, the person also does not experience the drastic difference between free and enslaved personally. Like what the movie said, the ones who were born into slavery were not going to rebel: they were taught to be obedient and…show more content…
But the film actually made me recall a question that I always had: to what extent can we, as somewhere who are not involved in the events, criticize people, especially the wrongdoers, who did partake in the history? As people from the 21st century, we know that slavery is unjust and horrible because we were raised in a society where love and peace were honored. When I questioned myself what would I do if I were Edwin Epps, Marry Epps, or William Ford, I began to question myself how much can I criticize them people when the cruelty was norm, and all those people did really was to follow the norm. Although it would be righteous and courageous to stand up for the blacks, not everyone is all courageous and willing to challenge the society. The film reminded me to have my own judgment and not to blindly follow what everyone else consider to be the norm. This film also made me wonder: when it is many years from now, how much of the social norm today would be considered to be cruel and

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