Essay on The Movie ' Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind '

Essay on The Movie ' Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind '

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The movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind expresses the idea of erasing memory from a person can changes their perspective as well as the people around them. Joel and Clementine are a couple who try to erase their memory so they can forget about their sorrow experience with one another.
In the movie, memory is portrayed as an experience that people have been through as well as a cause for their sadness. Every characters in this movie have displeasing memories in which they don’t want to think about it anymore to the point they want to erase it completely from their mind. Fortunately, I have never had to experience how it feels like to endure a painful memory.
Some people have memory that they want to forget since it brings them sorrow and pain. One question the readers might ask is: Can we fully 100% erase our sorrow memory? If we could erase our sorrow memory then everyone would be happy, but the memory still exists deep inside our brain. Base on the movie, Mary is in love with Dr. Howard before and after she erases her memory. This shows that memory sometimes can be powerful to the point where we can’t fully erase it. Thus, we can not fully erase the sad memory because the human brain is very complicate and even scientists haven’t fully discover how the brain works.
The readers might ask: Does erasing memory helps people move on with their life and be happy? The answer to this question is no. Base on the movie, Mary, Clementine, and Joel still stuck with their painful memory. Surprisingly, they move on after knowing about the erased memory. For example, Clementine and Joel still want to try their relationship again after hearing what they have said about one another before the Lucana procedure. Another example, Mary...

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...e a married couple. In addition, one happy scene I remember is when Joel and Clementine meet at the train station. They talk and find out more about each other’s life even though both of them have different personalities from one another. More addition, one stressful memory is when I see Joel cries in his car and his hand is trembling which shows that he is very stressful and a bit hopeless. This scene makes me feel a little bit stress because I see him stress.
Memory makes us who we are as a person and it shapes us in a unique way which makes us different from other human beings. We can’t ever erase it because that is the way the world are and how our brains work. I hope everyone who has depress memory will overcome their obstacles and be happy in life again because everyone deserves happiness. Therefore, we should all let everything go and forgive one another.

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