The Pattern Of Memory: The Lab Coat On Memory

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I have chosen the book We are all completely beside ourselves, and I have taken a more scientific approach to it, which is why I have the lab coat on. Memory When an event happens there is a pattern of neural activity that is generated as a response to this event. When you remember the brain ´replays´ this pattern that was originally created, and therefore echoes the brain´s perception of the event, although it is not completely identical to the original, otherwise we wouldn’t know it was a memory. And not the event itself. Memories are stored in different areas of our brains, and they work more like puzzles or a collage than a book, or video clips, in the way that they are not sequential. Most of what we remember is by direct retrieval,…show more content…
This is because it has such a big role in the book. Memories, both from Rosemary but also from other people, like the mother, creates the notion that memory is as important as anything else. An example is when Rosemary is out in the city with Harlow. We see this night as snippets of what she remembers; her sitting on a bench, her sitting with Harlow and two boys, then suddenly the boys switched place, then her somewhere else. We don’t know if this is the real sequence we only know they happened sometime in the night. Then suddenly Rosemary sees Lowell, but the problem is she´s not really sure she actually saw him. This means that memory is now more important than almost anything else for Rosemary, but she can´t rely on…show more content…
An example is that I can “remember” my dad smoking in our house, which he stopped before I was born. In my memory we are sitting in a sofa we bought when I was twelve in the house we moved to when I was 13-14 and there is a picture on the wall which we´ve had as long as I can remember, although recently the picture has been replaced by a bedspread we bought from India, maybe three years ago, that we had hanging until last summer. Is memory different from animal´s? This just shows how unreliable memory is, and even then it is one of the most important things in our lives, and it is certainly important in the book, in a way is hard to understand sometimes, because memory is such a complex thing, that humans are still making studies on. For example, there are studies that show that chimpanzees memories are superior to humans (they had to remember where on the screen the nine numbers were, and touch in sequence). There are theories though, that suggest humans once had that superior memory but that we lost it due to evolution, because we had lesser need for the it, while chimps need it to survive (find food, socialize etc.) Conclusion And now when you smell or taste these … you will maybe both remember Christmas, but also something about

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