Movie Analysis : The Film Crash Essay example

Movie Analysis : The Film Crash Essay example

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The director of the film Crash was trying to convey a message to his audience about race and how prejudice can blind a person which keeps them from truly connecting with those that surround them. He does this by making the plot of his movie center around several characters with different backgrounds, occupations, and ethnicities. The film follows the events of the character’s lives over a period of two days and it shows how their stories are all connected. The cinematography that is used throughout also works to convey the director’s message. For example, the movie opens with a voice over by Detective Waters where he is talking about people missing touch in LA because no one touches each other. This scene starts by being shot out of focus but then gradually the camera focuses on Water’s face turned towards the camera as he faces the window. It gives the sense that he’s saying his dialogue directly to the audience. He is explaining the focus of the story which is that people are so wrapped up in their individual lives that they forget about others unless something drastic causes them...

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Movie Analysis : The Film Crash Essay

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