Movie Analysis : ' Preston Sturges ' Essay

Movie Analysis : ' Preston Sturges ' Essay

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During the time of conflict and misery, warfare is the ultimate last resource governments are forced to resort to due to taxing implications economically, politically, and socially. Hence, enthusiasm for the war is important in order to ensure victory. The horrible and destructive nature of warfare discourage many, thus, there are many efforts that are being employed by the government to uplift the war-weary public. Hail the Conquering Hero is a prime example of Hollywood and government collaboration to make the war more appealing to the public by selling the war in a comedic criticizing way. Therefore, Preston Sturges created a film that is reliable and satirical by glorying the concept of hero worship and war through satirical comedic depictions of the qualities of becoming a hero and what it entitles. The concept of being a hero isn 't defined simply from courageous deeds, but something much more which is portrayed through Woodrow’s struggles in finding the true meaning of being a hero.
In this movie, the setting is centered around War World I about the adventures of a second generation Marine being discharged for hay fever and is too ashamed to go back home without seeing any action. Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith comes from a family that highly respected military background since Woodrow’s father was a decorated Marine that dead in action. Despite his father’s death, his deeds are still honored and remembered and due to his father heroic deeds, it led to Sergeant Heppelfinger helped Woodrow to gain an “honorary” hero status by loaning him a uniform complete with medals and drag him on a train back to his small hometown of Oakridge, California. Thus, elevating Woodrow into a classic hometown “hero” transforming him...

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...bout the glory, fame, or even the girl. He is doing it for his father and mother. He wants to be a strong respectable individual like his father. Despite, his less than honorable discharge he wasn’t lead astray even through all the temptations that the Sergeant and his Marines tempt him with. This just indicates that there is more to being a hero than simply doing something
What does it mean to be a hero? Heroism can’t be confined to one set defined definition. Instead is a forever evolving term that change as society changes. Since it seems it isn’t the actual individuals that are labeled as the hero that are setting the standards to what it means to be a hero. Instead, society deems itself as the self-proclaimer who instate the hero in society. When in actuality, the term hero is created in order to humor the public to calm public hysteria in a time of crisis.

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