What Is Heroism Essay

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Heroism is defined as an act of courage and an act of selflessness. They reflect the highest levels of morality in society. Heroes have embodied the morality codes of civilizations throughout the ages. When heroes display courage, observers often identify with that courage. The refusal to take the easy way out and the ability to act in spite of fear, is what makes a person a hero. This is the way everyone wishes to react in the midst of a crisis. As witnessed in literature and real life, mankind needs heroes to provide an inspirational role model, an escape from the mundane, and a guide for morality. In today’s society, heroes are needed because mankind sees them as inspirational role models. For example, firefighters, police officers, and soldiers, sacrifice themselves everyday in order to protect citizens as well as the country. Firefighters risk their lives in order to save people from burning buildings. During the terrorist attack of 9/11, Mike Kehoe scaled 93 floors to save the people that were trapped in the …show more content…

Soldiers voluntarily leave the safety of their homes to protect our citizens and our country. These often unsung heroes inspire civilians to do and give more of themselves to others. During the Afghan War, an American soldier, Sgt. Dennis Weichel, lost his life rescuing an Afghan girl. She and some other children were picking up shell casings from the road as large military vehicles barreled toward them. He put himself in harm’s way to pull her to safety. Many heroic acts by soldiers also happened during the War in Iraq. American pilots are again flying over Iraq’s skies, risking their lives to save Iraqi citizens from terrorists. Their efforts are the latest in a long line of sacrifices made by the U.S. military in Iraq since 1990. Soldiers’ willingness to sacrifice their lives, gives Americans new heroes every day. Fellow citizens view these soldiers with admiration and

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