Beowulf Is Not a Modern Day Hero

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Beowulf is a character that possesses all the qualities of an Anglo-Saxon hero. He is strong, fearless, brave, courageous, and arrogant. But are these qualities enough to consider him a hero by the standards of today?

A hero not only needs to be physically outstanding, but he also needs to have integrity, moral values and needs to act without thinking in his own benefit. Beowulf has many characteristics of a hero but he also has some defects that make me think that he wouldn’t be considered a hero in today´s world. A hero concept evolves with a culture, Beowulf has many things that the Anglo-Saxons viewed as heroism but he misses many things that are important for a modern hero.

A hero has to go in a journey. He has to struggle throughout the story to grow as a character. They generally triumph at the story´s conclusion. Humans tend to admire the ones that had to suffer to be in the top. We like to associate heroism with someone that surpass many

challenges. “A man cannot become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall” Aristotle. Beowulf has many adventures and he fights Grendel and other monstrous creatures but he was very sure of himself. He was born being strong and we as an audience do not identify with that. “Of living strong men he was the strongest” . Beowulf had qualities that any other man had, but he

didn’t struggle to get them. We do not only look for someone that is sure of his supernatural strength. People today look for a hero that gives them hope and that is admirable because he keeps on struggling to reach his goals. Today a hero must have suffered challenges that make him grow as a better human.

Beowulf perfectly fulfills the characteristics of an epic hero because he fight...

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...s always talking about his qualities.

In conclusion, although Beowulf possessed many heroic qualities he would not be considered a hero in today’s world. A hero varies from culture to culture. The Anglo-Saxon appreciated different things in a person that what do not we appreciate today. Many things have changed a lot with time, the requisites for being considered a hero have also changed. Today we do not like to solve problems with war. Pride and honor are not as important as the willingness one has to help others. Beowulf is not feeling that contact with people he doesn’t identify with them because he believes himself better, a part of a hero´s cycle is to be identified with the community. To be part

of them and to experience something bad in his life that makes him more human and make us have a better contact and helps us to be connected with him.
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