Motivation Is The Reason Behind Certain Behavior Of An Individual Essay

Motivation Is The Reason Behind Certain Behavior Of An Individual Essay

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What is the reason behind certain behavior of an individual? What initiates an individual to do something either that is good or bad? How do people succeed in reaching goal? These questions certainly deal with motivation as motivation provides base for a person’s action, desires and needs. Motivation encourages us to move towards certain goals that may be due to rewards, incentives, and or driving forces. It is a presumed internal or external force that energizes or encourages certain actions. For instance, a baby eats a whole glass of milk after the mother promises to provide a candy bar afterwards. Thus, motivation is an activating action that stimulates people to do something. In general motivation is the process of starting, directing and maintaining physical and psychological activities. A writer needs motivation to write, singer to sing and a student to learn.
The word “motivation” comes from Latin word “movevere” which means to move. It is something that makes us do things, direct us, inspires us and leads us to certain direction. Many experts say that motivation is a key to success. According to Lahey (1995), “Motivation is an internal state that activates and gives direction to our thoughts”. It is not limited to psychology studies but daily life and different sectors. In an organization, the manager should be able to motivate the employees to maintain efficiency of work. Motivation has been conceptualized in varied ways including inner forces, enduring traits, behavioral responses to stimuli, and sets of beliefs and affects. Motivation is a process rather than a product. As a process, we do not monitor motivation directly but we interpret it from actions (e.g., choice of tasks) and verbalizations (e.g., “I really want ...

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...ocesses. For example, motivated students put their full attention into the class which makes them understand better. The motivated students will be proud of their success while get upset by a low grade. To a student not caring about academic success, for him the exam might not be a big deal, but to a student whose goal is to achieve success in academics, the exam be a consequence of monumental importance. Because of the other effects just identified—goal-directed behavior, effort and energy, initiation and persistence, cognitive processing, and the impact of consequences—motivation often leads to improved performance. The research evidence in this field suggests that teacher’s communication and methods of instruction helps students to internal attributions (ability and effort) for success and lack of effort attribution for failure. (Raymond, 1982)

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