Moral Leadership : Ethics And Effectiveness Essay

Moral Leadership : Ethics And Effectiveness Essay

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Moral Leadership: Ethics and Effectiveness
Deborah Rhode provides a succinct explanation if what constitutes moral leadership. The difference between moral leadership and effective leadership is well explicated. Contemporary literature and many businesses executive have held a belief that there is no difference between effective leadership and moral leadership. Effective leadership is propped up by ethics and sound moral judgment. This is true, but it is eminent that effective leadership does not always encompass moral leadership. Corporate goals and pressure from stakeholders has significantly transformed the way in which leaders approach ethics and leadership in general (Rhode, 2006). An effective leader ought to have the ability to guide and capacity to persuade others towards a common objective. If there is no persuasion, then it is only to say that there is no leadership. It is also apparent that for a leader to be in a position to persuade others to follow a given course of action, one must have some aspects such as integrity and integrity. Based on the definition given by Deborah Rhode, trust is a very important element in maintaining moral leadership. If a leader cannot be trusted, he or she cannot be a good leader, and people (followers) will not have enough confidence in them to the point of following what they say or want. Deborah concisely illustrates that moral leadership is quite different from effective leadership. Instead of aspiring to be followed, moral leadership endeavors to serve (Rhode, 2006). Rather than displaying their skills, moral leaders strive to develop the ability and capacity of their followers. It is important to note that moral leadership is expected from anyone in any position in the organizat...

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...tion and stated that processes used at the moment do not contravene ADA rules. The management has also maintained the fact that, no improper behavior occurred relating to the said evaluations. The ambivalence and sense of self-challenge had a significant influence on the decision that Target made relating to the evaluation processes and the settlement of the claim. The HRM department did the medical evaluation because they are a part of the job, and also everyone expects excellent results irrespective of whether rules are contravened or not. The immediate need for more workforce means there is time pressure, but it is the inability to discern what is right and wrong that drove the company into an abyss of moral misconduct. The HRM maintains that such malpractice does not contravene ADA rules because that what she sense is good even though it unleashes misgivings.

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