Money Is Root Of All Sins Essay

Money Is Root Of All Sins Essay

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Money causes disgrace.
Encomium: “money is root of all sins.” I frequently hear such statement. Money represents the inherent greed of human beings and people are always pursuing more when money even they have a large amount of it. More importantly, when people tend t pursue it or keep it, they act extremely disgracefully.
Paraphrase: Because it is possible that people will lose their money one day, it is the "existence of money" makes people disgraceful after they lose their money, and makes people shameful when they are always worried about money.
Case: Money makes some people rich but corrupted. Do you notice that only a few rich people are willing to help poor people? Have you ever seen rich people, in order to make more profit, oppress the laborers, disregard laws and moral regulations of the society, and distort the nature of poverty. If you could got a large amount of money by forcing others to overlabor, what would you do? If you lost all of your money by accident and some got the same amount of money you lost simultaneously, what would you think? You can judge your ...

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