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Review of “Wall Street II:Money Never Sleeps” Chao Wang MGMT-5603-03: Ethics, Decision Making, Comm Oklahoma Christian University Submitted to: Prof. Don M. Hull April 24, 2014 The "Wall Street"(1987) profoundly reveals the hidden rules of the financial realm. It won several awards of Oscar. So many people who work on Wall Street are gained a lot of enlightenment from this amazing movie. Now "Wall Street 2" comes back. The Director still Oliver Stone, the difference is this movie links to the financial crisis of 2008. Just as the dominoes falling. Some people gained, but more people down with drain, even the live. In this movie, Gordon Gekko was finished his term of penalty. Jacob Moore is Gekko’s daughter’s husband. But Gekko’s daughter Winnie would not want to talk to her father anymore. Then Jacob makes a trade with Gekko. Gekko teach Jacob how to revenge for Jacob’s respected advisor and Jacob need create the chance for Gekko in order to fix the relationship with Winnie. It seems a happy ending of this movie. But movie always wants to give you a surprise. Gekko start to defraud on this couple for one hundred million dollar after getting their trust. In this movie, Jacob’s first opponent is Bretton James who has a great and grand reputation in Wall Street. Bretton use several unusual ways to let Jacob’s advisor suicide. Jacob’s Boss & Advisor’s investing institution was killed by Bretton. From this case, Bretton has committed very criminal moral hazard. But there’s a famous word in this movie “You give money to others, but don't know whether the person will be responsible for your money”. This work is very unethical. Bretton in order to reach his goal, he tried to set a goal. Then use many ways to make to goa... ... middle of paper ... ...le anxious, so the desire which hidden in the depths of their hearts will be aroused. At this moment, people would try to reach their goal by fair means or foul. They would think this is a smart way to get the respected by others and it’s the easy and fast way to get what they want. In some people's mind, money is simply a digital number. They always focus on the money and the profit and ignore the people who care about you. In the result those will look down upon you and you will disappoint them. Family love and human nature is no any unit can be measure which is priceless. Blindly pursuit of fame and wealth is not as good as their eyes on contemporary life, people need learn how to enjoy the several decades of the rest of our life, and cherish everyone who worth you to cherish next to you. Be thankful and grateful and make our world more beautiful and harmonious.
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