The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Essay

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One of the biggest issues that has been plaguing north america is the huge gap between the rich and the poor. As this gap increases the more corrupt the people in it seem to get. This becomes even more of a problem because with the system that the Americas uses only the rich get richer. The source believes that it is the framework of our society that creates this gap and this makes sense. The western world is filled with the idea that in order to be happy a person must have as much money as possible however, this leads to people doing whatever they deem necessary to become more rich; this includes ignoring the position they are putting others in. since those with lots of money have power over jobs and income, the people below them will not have the power to confront low income therefore the source says that the people that have power over the upper…show more content…
The government would most likely do this by raising taxes for the rich to fund social programs or by forcefully increasing minimum wage. Due to the growth in distance between the rich and the poor in the world I mostly agree with the source however, if the government 's power is not limited they could make the economy worse. One of the ways that a government can display their power is with their ability to affect the flow of the economy. The government can manipulate interest, spending, money supply, and taxation in order to change or not change how a country operates. Due to the issue of the boom and bust cycle, the periods when a country is thriving and when they are in poor conditions, the two main ways a government can choose to run a country, keynesian and supply side
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