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What a makes feel like person feel like an adult? For many it’s having a job and being able to support yourself and the ones you love. In order to do that we try and figure out who we are through education and exploration. This is the entire reason we toil away at the art institute. We labor away so that we can carve out a place in this world. We struggle and agonize for the hope of financial success and in the name of expression. Everything we do is part of how we choose to present ourselves from our tone of voice to our choice of clothes. To place a restriction on our clothing is to deny the very reason we came to this school.
The first recorded use of standardized dress codes in education may have been in England in 1222, when the Archbishop of Canterbury mandated that students wear a robe-like outfit called the "cappa clausa." The origin of the modern school uniform can be traced to 16th Century England. At Christ 's Hospital boarding school the impoverished "charity children" attending the wore blue cloaks reminiscent of the cassocks worn by clergy, along with yellow stockings. As of Sep. 2014, students at Christ 's Hospital were still wearing the same uniform, and according to the school it is the oldest school uniform still in use. When Christ 's Hospital surveyed its students in 2011, 95% voted to keep the traditional uniforms.
The first US public schools known to institute uniform policies were in Maryland and Washington, DC, in the fall of 1987, with Cherry Hill Elementary School in Baltimore, MD, gaining the most publicity. These early uniform programs were voluntary, but according to a New York Times report from Dec. 1987, most parents supported the idea and "almost all" students wore the uniforms. The first ...

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...d ludicrous. The only true purpose a dress code at this age would provide is a way to censor the student body. To tell them that you can be creative but within limits. While it seems tacky to some of us to have to look at people walking around in pajamas or wearing short outfits, it’s not necessary go through all the trouble of instituting a whole dress code. Life is far too short to be constantly judgemental about what everyone around us is wearing. That’s high school that we left behind in the past. And for those who insist on critiquing the outfit’s of every person that walks by like RuPaul’s or Project Runway. As well as those that become that distracted from the sight of bra strap or someone’s knees I leave you with this. Modesty empowers some, bareing it all empowers others. It is not your right to decide who will be empowered by which except for yourself.

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