Mobile Technology Has Vastly More Potential Than Elearning Essay

Mobile Technology Has Vastly More Potential Than Elearning Essay

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According to Robert Gadd, “M-Learning has vastly more potential than eLearning. Modern mobile devices are highly sophisticated and easy to learn and use technological appliances that make it practical for virtually anyone to perform old tasks or learn new ones using one physical device in a multitude of ways. Mobile is a Swiss Army Knife of functionality in a device that fits in every pocket or purse." With its tremendous improvement in the previous decade, mobile technology is playing an important role in the 21st century. In today’s modern world, there is developing goal for both teachers and students to adopt these new technologies. Today most of the school and university campuses are filled with technologies with the student are more on to the internet from their wireless laptop, tablets, updating their social relation on network sites and downloading music or videos. That is why the current generation is called the Digital Natives. Students nowadays use smartphones that can do nearly anything imaginable, such as becoming real-time updates on their bank reports, download data off the internet, discern TV or even make a movie. Laptop and mobile technology have transformed all aspects of education and most of education reformers agree that it is an important part of the current effort to change the way of the education system. International student because of English not having their first language has a drawback over the domestic students, mobile technology with integrated internet and different educational application helps them to adjust them in new academic and social environment. Most universities and educational institution provide Wi-Fi networks for students that will be connected to students’ wireless laptops, tablets, ...

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...test technology such as online library, smartphones and virtual learning environment which delivers more personalized learning in cost effective way. In student centered learning, technology can put an extra effort for teachers and students by tracking the student strength, interest and knowledge gained through learning. Still there are some drawback regarding to the outcome for students and teacher can’t determine what type of learner are successful using online learning, lack of confidence in using technology as they need support to adapt the new digital learning environment. Teaching and learning is not limited to traditional classroom environment in 21st century, education has step forward to whole new level of learning style through innovative use of smartphone technology made education available to anyone, anywhere, anytime at affordable cost across the globe.

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