Essay Mobile Apps : A Vital Concern

Essay Mobile Apps : A Vital Concern

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The poll also indicated that application security was another vital concern. One of the challenges facing mobile apps is the fact that most apps request too many privileges. For this reason, such apps have access to various data sources in a particular device. Many mobile apps especially free apps are designed and linked to advertising apps. Such ties make contacts, geolocation data and browsing history vital to the application developers. As consumers want free apps, the developers tend to monetize the apps. The advertising networks pay developers to get the privileges from the consumers (Wang & Du, 2013). According to the poll, linked information such as leaked corporate contacts, the location of certain executives or calendar items can be a risk to the competitive advantage of a firm. There was also concern over malicious applications which tend to look like they act normally but will secretly upload sensitive information.
Device data leakage was another important concern from the results of the survey. Most concerns that were raised by the poll are related to sources of data leakage. Despite the that most business access privileges on mobile devices is limited to email and calendar items, modern business applications can still tap into any sources if the business accepts the risks (Yeh, Chen & Wu, 2012). Storing more corporate data on devices attracts the interest of cybercriminals who target both the device as well as back-end systems with mobile malware. A business that puts sensitive business applications on mobile devices must consider such risks.
The enterprise mobile security survey also rated malware attacks as an essential concern. Most mobile malware is SMS Trojans that are intended to charge device holders premium te...

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...asis for an electronic office to fight effectively against any malicious and also prevent information leakage. Most insurance sales agents will store important business and client data on the cloud servers or internal insurance system accessible through VPN terminals or their mobile devices which raise concern over password theft attacks, unauthorized data access, and sophisticated malware attacks. Century Longmai offers an Insurance Identity Solution that is based on smart card technology. The solution enables multipurpose personal security mobile device authentication thereby ensuring that a company can validate the identity of a person, insurance information as well as obtaining an overview the agents and the history of the end-user. The method is secure and costs effective for uniting vast information into one data source which is protected by advanced encryption

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