The World Of Mobile Gaming

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The World of Mobile Gaming In an industry that reaches far and wide across the world mobile video games are constantly changing, as are the markets they are in. The gaming industry makes billions of dollars per year, but a new division of that industry has lately experienced a growth on a large scale. The 2014 revenue for mobile game revenues was forecasted at approximately twenty-five billion dollars, a forecast that changed from an estimation from a few months prior at twenty-one point seven billion dollars. North American markets alone are expected to see a fifty-one percent growth per year and emerging markets in Southeast-Asia, shown by the graph to the left in Figure One,are showing eighty-six percent growth per year (Gaudios). These numbers show rapid growth unlike any other in a field previously dominated by PC and console gaming, it is also unknown as to how the growth of mobile games will hurt console and PC games. As more and more consumers download popular games people realize that mobile games are for all age groups, not just kids, and then the consumer can appreciate the detailed artworks and stories behind mobile games. Many consumers do not know the detailed work that goes into the development and marketing of mobile games. Mobile games are predicted to grow even more in popularity as years go by and have shown great growth despite a troubled economy. Consumers have been buying less and less each year, but they are still willing to pay for video games. There are several different possibilities for gamers to continue spend their money on video games including low price points, possible tactic for escaping reality and temptation from free downloads. Since people are constantly buying video games the field has been d... ... middle of paper ... ...ugh they require months of computer design for artwork alone. Mobile games also garner immense amount of profits, especially in emerging markets located in Southeastern Asia, such as China and Japan. The mobile game industry has increased its profits from hundreds of millions to several billion dollars in the past few years alone. The rapid growth of mobile games is unlike any other growth in video game fields, far exceeding that of consoles and computer games and is likely to surpass both markets in terms of income in the next few years. Eventually as more and more consumers purchase and download mobile video games they can realize that the works are artistic and can feature in depth storylines. The mobile game market is changing rapidly and greatly affects almost every consumer with a smartphone, as well as gamers alike, no matter how skilled or unskilled they are.
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