Missing Painting: The Hacienda by Vladimir Rague Essay

Missing Painting: The Hacienda by Vladimir Rague Essay

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One day in 1614 Vladimir Rague, a famous French painter, finished his great work called The Hacienda. This work was named the most expensive landscape painting in the world. It stayed in the Abbitt Center for Art in New York City, New York.
The Hacienda remained in The Abbit Center for Art. The Hacienda was a popular thing to go see like The Mona Lisa. The painting became known as a legend and it attracted a lot of tourists. The staff at the center would mock the tourists and say," Oh my goodness! I can't believe I'm finally here oh my goodness!"
Three hundred and 16 years later, August 22, 1930, the Abbit Center for Art was robbed. One painting was stolen, The Hacienda. There were two guards on duty, Oliver Frank and Bob Jones, the guards were patrolling the building. Then officer Frank heard a bang on the west end. The Hacienda was on the East end. Both guards rushed to see what happened and a window had been broken. Then after they inspected everything they kept patrolling the museum. Bob Jones yelled," Frank um we have a problem!" Frank rushed to see what had happened. Bob and Frank glanced at each other in terror in front of the empty frame where The Hacienda once was.
The officers called the police department and told them. The police chief on the other line said,"I've very disappointed in you two, this is a huge deal with serious consequences." Frank and Bob were ashamed and upset about their failure to protect The Hacienda. The two officers were also told they had to inform the owners of The Abbit Center for Art, employes for The Abbit Center of Art, and everyone basically. Officers Frank and Jones decided to tell the people involved with The Abbit Center for Art and, then tackle telling the people. ...

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...walking in the building frowned at him like it was disappointed on his job on the case. He went in and he was having no such luck. Then, he was standing inches away from the empty frame of The Hacienda and something major happened. Clemens tripped and lightly fell into the frame. The frame didn’t get damaged though. Although a note came out. Clemens was so shocked he didn’t want to open it. Eventually he opened the note and it read.
Clemens was scared. He went home and was going to call Oliver Frank. When he got to the phone he shrieked in terror! There were 5 messages on his home phone. He listened to the first one and it said,” You will never catch me I will be dead before you get anywhere on this mystery!” The next five said the same thing. This was scary because it was also said by a computer with a raspy mess.
‘This is a fine mess!” exclaimed Clemens.

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