Leonardo Da Vinci: The Mona Lisa

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994 words

The famous Mona Lisa, I never knew that all the scandal was about until I was finally in front of it. The Mona Lisa was created by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was born in April 15, 1452 but passed away in May 1519. He was an Italian polymath who was interested in art and created many paintings in the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa is currently in the Louvre museum in Paris, the painting is well secured inside a glass were no one is allowed to get a closer look at the painting. I was probably 5-10 feet away from the painting but was still able to get a good look at it. The piece of art created by Leonardo da Vinci has been one of the most famous painting in history, it is worth more than a billion dollars and it is known as “La Gioconda” …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the mona lisa was created by leonardo da vinci, an italian polymath who created many paintings in the renaissance.
  • Explains that leonardo da vinci's "la gioconda" is one of the most famous paintings in history and is worth more than a billion dollars.
  • Explains leonardo da vinci's use of lines in the mona lisa.
  • Opines that the mona lisa is two-dimensional and has no volume or mass. leonardo da vinci was one of the first artists to use a chiaroscuro.
  • Analyzes how the subtle colors and tones used in the mona lisa made it seem as if the painting illustrated that.
  • Analyzes how the colors used in the painting are different from the background. mountains, trees, and water have a darker color.

The artist used several lines in the art work, the ones that are impressive are the subtle curves he used in the mouth. He mainly uses actual lines were the viewer can see the lines used in the art work. Other lines he used are the lines that are the sleeves, hair, and in the background. The implied lines may be the lines that are in the background where there are no actual continuous lines but we see lines in the trees, and in the road. The repeated lines he used in the sleeves are seen perfectly, there are several lines used to emphasize that the sleeves are perfect. Other shapes used in the Mona Lisa are the ovals used in her eyes, and the face. The oval face and the oval eyes are not perfect, the lines used to draw the ovals are soft and very light. If I were to take a closer look at the painting the shapes would appear geometric and organic. There are several shapes that are perfectly done and can be seen that there were a lot of shapes used in the Mona Lisa to complete it. In the other hand the nature landscape used in the back group may include several geometric shapes were the shapes are not …show more content…

The painting does not have volume or mass therefore the painting is just a shape that is flat. This type of illusion may have not been used very often before, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first artist to use this type of illusion, the illusion is called a chiaroscuro. When first looking at the painting the face and the hands are the things that stand out, the yes and the smile and the most important thing. The focal point is the face, when looking at the back ground it is seen as if everything was focusing on the face. In my opinion the smile or the eyes are the specific focal point because for me the smile and the eyes are full of mystery. The landscape may appear if it were going towards the face, but, what part of the face? That is the question that everyone should be

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