Analysis Of The Mona Lisa

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The famous masterpiece Mona Lisa created by the late great Leonardo da Vinci was a true outstanding that really defined the aspect of art. This mysterious woman has numerous minds wondering what she’s thinking and the million dollar question “do her eyes actually follow you?” The context behind the story of this painting is so superior. It’s amazing that the painting was left unfinished after it was lingered for over four years, wasn’t complete. It speaks truth, in small significant details, about life, and shows the expression of unfathomable. The background information of the Mona Lisa stated. Mona Lisa was the wife of Francesco del
Giocondo. Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in the late 1503 and was unable to finish. This painting is a celebration of their home’s completion. Also, it was a celebration of their second son birth.
This oil on canvas has a cottonwood panel as the surface. The dark colors of the background captivate the darkest in her eyes. The light color on her hands, lips and face; that he spend numerous time on, truly stand out. The shadowing technique that was us...

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