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Miss the Communication Essay

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Communication: the words we speak, see, and create to inform others of our ideas and intentions. The written word is but one facet of this action, and one, that if improperly used, can lead to various problems of miscommunication. What we speak can be forgotten, what we see or read can be misunderstood, but what we write and show the world may never be fully erased. What and how we write is especially important in today’s world as more and more communication takes place on the internet. While many may enable speech by way of microphones connected to their computers, the very staple of online communication remains writing. While not only important in cyberspace, good writing skills are an essential attribute on the job, trying to further education, or just jotting down a note with instructions to a babysitter.
The internet. The world-wide link of endless knowledge connecting people across the globe. According to the Email Etiquette article from About.com via a UCLA Internet Report, “Almost 88 percent of all Internet users in the U.S. use email” (McKay 2010). I know internet t...

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