Mind Your Cell Phone Manners Essay

Mind Your Cell Phone Manners Essay

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Mind Your Cell Phone Manners
We have all experienced the uneasy feeling while having a conversation with someone who is talking on their cell phone with someone else. The conversation can become awkward and unproductive. Advancements in cellular phone technology have made us connected to the world no matter where we are, but when does this connection become improper to the world around us? The desire to be continuously connected with this communication device has degraded our manners.
While I’m at the grocery store, my wife can call and remind me about the eggs or butter I always forget to bring home. 15 years ago, I would have never used the pay phones that littered the walls of a grocery store to call and ask if I remembered everything. The cell phone has changed our lives by making communication available no matter where a person is. Virtually everywhere you go, people are talking on their phone, checking their social network, or texting a friend. In addition to the ease of communication with friends and family, the availability to contact emergency services or locate someone in an emergency can help save lives. In her article, CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen describes ways of using our phones to aid us in emergencies. By placing medical information and emergency contacts in your phone, medical personnel have the recourses to obtain information to properly and effectively treat a patient if the patient is unable to communicate. GPS systems in cell phones can also help to locate someone if they are unable to give specifics as to where they are.
There is no doubt that cell phones have improved the ease of communication, but as easy as it is to be a speed dial away from your family and friends, it is just a...

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... the manners we display as respect for others is disrupted by the small piece of technology in our hands. Lay down your phones and remember that undivided attention and respect in the form of manners are still needed in our society.

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