Essay Mind and Love: Childhood in a Family Environment

Essay Mind and Love: Childhood in a Family Environment

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From the very first day of birth, a child is showered with feelings. Feelings not just limited to love and hatred, but also with roller coasters of emotions. Although human brain development is a lifelong process, it begins forming in early as prenatal life. It is no surprise the brain is more impressionable during early life than in maturity. Endow with life supporting power, brain works in two ways; consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part involves a physical aspect, something that five senses send to the brain and process it. While dealing with conscious function of the brain, it decides what event/s to save as memories and others to ignore. The same process implies with the unconscious part of the brain, but it occurs in the background. The process might take place while enjoying a leisure time, or putting effort into getting something done. The unconscious part of the brain keeps functioning while the conscious part is focused on what a person is concentrating. People tend to forget or ignore the later part of the brain, which plays a vital part of shaping a person’s nature, character, attitude, and social response.
Every single person has or have spent their childhood in a family environment; a family environment not bounded by parents. A family can be a combination of friends, cousins, a foster care, and more. The growing up environment plays a key role in shaping the future, personality, and the attitude.. Personally, I spent my entire childhood, and teenage life in a boarding school. My persona, my way of perceiving a situation was built seeing my seniors and teachers. Since, the human brain is most impressionable during the early life, the situation a child is put through during his early days will mark and d...

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...can get attracted, date, and even have a relationship for a certain course of time, but if the couple lacks attachment, the relationship is bound to end. Every relationship, regardless of its type is bound to have some conflict along the journey. A small conflict can lead to big misunderstanding which can lead to separation if the couple lacks attachment. Relationships are not about, how many arguments, and misunderstanding that can lead to separation, but is about one single attachment that started the relationship in the first place. Attachment is like an anchor that holds the bond between couples. Like an anchor holds the ship from tumbling, attachment holds the relationship from sinking. It is a foundation that starts a relationship, and solidifies its true meaning. I think every relationship, friendship, brother hood, marriage, love all are based on attachment.

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