Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children

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Over the years studies have found patterns in parenting styles and their effects on children. "Parenting isn’t only a collection of skills, rules, and tricks of the trade (Lloyd, Carol. 2012)”, it defines who you become, reflects your culture and represents values important in a family. Parenting style has a long term impact on a child’s development, success and outlook on life. The three styles of parenting are permissive parenting/hands-off parenting , authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting .Studies revealed that the authoritative parenting style results in the highest success rates for their children in school and in social aspects, thus creating a stable child (Lloyd, Carol.2012). Parenting styles were first introduced in 1966 by Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist (K. H. Grobman, 2008). Over the years parenting styles have been shown to have a lasting impact on a child’s development. Parents do not always fall into one category of parenting style, but can be a combination of more than one, or even all three. These parenting styles were defined by tracing the timeline of parenting methods throughout history. The three main parenting styles recognized by Diana Baumrind are the permissive parent, the authoritarian parent, and the authoritative parent. She noticed that there were certain trends in parenting styles. Styles of parenting stem from different eras throughout history, and the parenting method that was favored amongst the majority, at that time (Birgitte Coste, 2007). The authoritarian style of parenting originated in the "Pre Second World War Era." This method was developed by behaviorist, John Watson. Children were viewed in a strict, robotic, unfeeling manner, due to the harsh times of this era. A... ... middle of paper ... ...ough reward and discipline, thus being the most successful type of parenting. In depth analysis has revealed the structure of people and who they grow up to be. Whether the parenting style is prosperous or poor, it has significant impacts on how one sees the world, how one sees themself and has influence on one's levels of achievement throughout a lifetime. Until the child can recognize their own ability and goals, parenting style is the largest determining factor in the child's success in social and academic circumstances. Children are the final product, or a reflection of culture and a family's values. No matter what events or people cause turmoil in a child's life, the true impact of the negative outside forces lays in the parents hands. If the child is raised correctly, negativity will not take a toll on them as opposed to a child raised in a 'broken home.'
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