The Millennium Development Goals And International Monetary Fund Funding

The Millennium Development Goals And International Monetary Fund Funding

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We have been hired by the country of Nigeria to develop a program that will contribute to the decrease of measles and polio in this country, which can help improve the health of the people. This program will focus on one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Millennium Development Goals list eight global public health achievement targets that were adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 2000 and have been endorsed by nearly 200 countries from around the world. Consequently, “Each UN member nation has committed to work toward these goals, so the MDGs have provided a blueprint for national-level priority setting, for bilateral and multilateral aid, and for World Bank and International Monetary Fund funding (“Millennium Development,” 2011).” We are pointing out to the MDG number six, which consists of vaccine-preventable diseases. Our group will have the pleasure of working together to help implement this program for the people of Nigeria. We have identified that the majority of the Nigerian infants and young children, about 59%, are not being vaccinated for measles or polio vaccines because supply is limited (“Measles,” 2016). Also, according to the Millenium Development Goals Report (2011), their parent(s) lack knowledge about the importance of receiving these very necessary early childhood immunizations (“Nigeriaworld,” n.d.). In the United States, measles and polio vaccines are usually given to children by their first birthday at their pediatrician’s office. The people in Africa do not have such luxuries; hopefully this program will help give them a fighting chance.
Measles and polio are highly contagious, serious illnesses derived from infection with the measles and poliovirus (“Vaccine Information,” 2012). Although wid...

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...ity members to function as health promoters capable of delivering a cultural and linguistically appropriate health message and increase the engagement and compliance of our target populations. Health promoters will be part of an education program in the communities regarding the importance of immunization and stressing signs and symptoms pertaining to the diseases we are trying to eradicate to reinforce the surveillance part of the campaign.
This program is innovative because it will help the decrease childhood illnesses and deaths and will empower the Nigerian people to help care for their own. Thus, we are utilizing the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for infants traveling to an endemic area, but being Nigeria an endemic country we want to make this recommendation to be part of the vaccination routine there.

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