Comparing The Concepts Of Public Law And Public Health

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Law with regards to public health is a tool used to influence the norms for healthy behaviors whereas, public health deals with preventing and promoting whiles protecting the health of the people in a community including workplaces, schools and homes. Therefore, combining these two concepts (public health + law) gives regulations, decrees, agency rules and administrative and judicial rulings intended to benefit the health of defined populations. Having said that, its derivation is clearly seen in the meaning, which is constitutions made by the federal and state, also other legislative enactments, case law and policies from public bodies.

A. A review of this public health law was evolved as a separate discipline when the promotion of health
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Studies had shown that, racial disparities, political and socioeconomic status are one of the most determinants of the use of preventive services. Whereas, public programs of international development agencies during this period were also targeting means of eradicating specific diseases such as malaria, cholera, yaws, smallpox, influenza, cancer and the like. After several years of investment in the vertical interventions, preventable diseases remained a major challenge. Therefore, the international health agencies including experts around the globe began examining other alternative approaches to health improvement which brought ‘’health for all’’ through World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to practioners and the global health planners at the International conference on primary health care in Alma Ata in Kazakhstan. Relative to this, the conference also intended to revolutionize and reform previous health…show more content…
However, civil liberty concerns itself of the basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed either explicitly identified in the bill of rights and or in a constitution. However, with the civil liberty, the individual privacy is protected and is put at the forefront of the public healthcare law such as physicians need to seek the consent of the individual before conducting testing for PSA, HIV/AIDS, malaria or any contagious diseases whiles public healthcare law uses the power of quarantine (if it exists) to control those behaviors that might place sexual partners, individuals or other person who is likely to be at risk or travelling with a contagious disease to another

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