Military Families Face Challenges Essay

Military Families Face Challenges Essay

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Military Families Face Challenges
When a parent is deployed to serve at war, a child faces many hardships in his well-being. The main problem is that early children face many social, emotional, and physical problems when a parent goes to war and returns with a health issue. Children under age of five are developing negative behaviors, for example Home Front Alert: The Risk Facing Young Children In Military Families states that “children in military families with a deployed parent may experience stress, anxiety, and difficult coping, as well as academic problems” (Murphey, 2013, p. 4). This reveals that absent parents are not fulfilling the child’s cognitive needs, which plays an important in their health. Thus, children run the risk of domestic violence, for instance “many service members return home with injuries that can seriously and permanently disabling, which can have considerable negative effects on family dynamics, including the risk of impaired relationships and domestic violence” (Murphey, 2013, p. 3). This demonstrates that there is a chance the child will repeat the parent’s actions, and receive maltreatment. When the parent returns from deployment he brings back aggressive skills, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, he learned at war that can destroy his family. Presently, there has been a low childcare staff since there are about “500,000 children who have at least one active-duty parent” (Murphey, 2013, p. 2). This reveals that there is a need for individuals who can help meet the military families needs.
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According to Murphey (2013), a child’s most essential learning is during the first years of early childhood. During that year, children learn about relationships and attach the...

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...itioners to help children cultivate physical and emotional growth. It will open more jobs to practitioners due to the high rate of children who have deployed parents. Overall, if soldiers play an important role in society then children should be in the same boat since they are the future of our country.
The absence of parent in a child’s life may lead to health problems. The child may experience depression, anxiety, stress, and domestic violence due to the parent’s attitude. There is a high rate of parents experiencing trauma, mental problems, and depression when they come back from war. This does not only affect the individual, but influences the child to react the same way. Having a healthy family increases the chance for the child to have a prosperous life.

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