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Migration in Central Asia Essay

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Since 1991 former Soviet Republics faced numerous economic and political issues associated with their unpreparedness to a rapid transition to independence. This lead to deteriorating living conditions and overall falling level of social and economic development in the majority of Central Asian countries (Gubka 2011). Due to negative economic conditions and internal conflicts the “Central Asia region has become one of the regions with the highest migration rates in the world” (Gubka 2011, 66). High rates of unemployment and poverty indicators serve as the main forces pushing working age population out of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, which are the main migrants sending countries in the region (Delovarova, Shkapyak and Kukeyeva 2013). Kazakhstan is the only Central Asian country, where the sustainable economic development, and foreign investment attraction policies, associated with rich oil resources, created favourable climate for migrants. However, despite the large volume migration took in the region, cooperation on the issue of migration between sending and receiving countries as well as recipient countries’ migration policies are inefficient. Lack of cooperation on the regional level, associated with states’ authorities considering only the political dimension of the issue and complex process of migrants registration in Kazakhstan leads to an increasing number of illegal migrants, whose rights are more frequently violated (Gubka 2011). This paper will argue that labour migrants from Central Asian countries to Kazakhstan face human rights abuse, through revealing statistics and describing causes of improper treatment of migrants and discuss some recommendations for elimination of this issue. Moreover, the paper will pro...

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