Migration And Population Research Task Essay

Migration And Population Research Task Essay

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Migration/Population Research Task
Australia’s population is expected to reach 36 million by 2050. Outline the potential advantages and disadvantages of such significant growth for Australia.
To many, Australia has a relatively small population in comparison with the large surface area of the continent with its current population of 23 million people. But this figure is misleading because much of the continent is unusable and the amount of farmable land and water availability is low compared with the total land area. According to the population issues committee of the National Population Council (NPC), there is a genuine issue between distribution of water and the population. Water supply is volatile because it faces high levels of seasonal and annual variability. Many species in Australia have become extinct or are threatened as a result of human activity in their habitats.
Australia has a high population growth rate compared to other high-income nations, mostly as a result of its high intake of immigrants. Birth rates are currently below previous rates. This is due to the lag effect of increases in population a generation ago, known as the baby boom after World War Two, which resulted in an increased number of births in that time period. There is much controversy among scientists in regards to how many people Australia can support, and even more in regards to what environmental impact a large population would have on the land and the people. Some argue that Australia already has more people that the environment can provide for and that a more sustainable population level for Australia would be around ten million people.
There are both advantages and disadvantages to the signifiant growth being seen in Australia’s population. A ...

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...uctuated since 1993. The government plans what percentages they want each year in order to meet the social and economic needs of Australia. It shows us that earlier in the program, the government allowed more people in the family stream to com to Australia in comparison to the skill stream, however it also shows that this has changed in about 1995 and has not changed again since then.
In conclusion, Australia’s current migration policy provides 190,000 vacancies for migrants coming into Australia. These migrants are separated into two categories based on what they offer the nation, these are skill and family. Lately, the government has chosen to allow more skilled migrants to migrate to Australia as of about 1996, however the government has complete control over this number and chooses the percentages based on whatever suits the social and economic needs of Australia.

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