Essay on Mexican American Mothers ' Perceptions Of Childhood Obesity

Essay on Mexican American Mothers ' Perceptions Of Childhood Obesity

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Mexican American Mothers’ Perceptions of Childhood Obesity
The purpose of this literature review is to characterize Mexican American parents’ perceptions regarding childhood obesity, current prevention efforts, and their role in prevention. The findings are categorized by a theory-guided approach. The aims regarding this Mexican American mothers’ perception and knowledge will critically evaluate the methodological quality of the research conducted, and how the purposes of preventative behavior construct is applied to prevention using specific criteria. Mothers’ perception of their child’s weight is important. The causes and consequences, effective strategies, and engaging in preventative behaviors is also a reflection of their perception. Parents influence significant prevention risk factors associated and their responsibility with childhood obesity. This review assist researchers and practitioners in understanding how mothers perceive childhood obesity which will help in future programs for this subgroup. The methodology was clear there were four databases used to identify articles related to parents’ perception of childhood obesity. With varying combinations of search terms that included articles with primary data and excluded articles from nonacademic sources. Using the matrix method data was abstracted from articles, and the studies included the analysis that was assigned a quality score based on their design, use of theory and methodology. This methodological quality score was used in previous health systematic literature reviews that were based on criteria. Of the 93 articles found through primary search 22 were included in the final analysis. A clear chart was provided of what the articles were that had been removed and w...

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...n was also helpful in keeping the main focus of this article.
Practitioner Practice
The study gathered 22 articles based on Mexican American parents’ perception of improving their child’s obesity, barriers to parents’ ability to engage in preventative behavior, and parents knowledge of causes and consequences. The study found that there is not enough information in research on parental perceptions of Mexican Americans regarding childhood obesity.
Researcher Practice
How can parent and teacher work together in educating and influencing the students on how to eat healthier and engage in various activities that could be done involving them daily?
The future programs that may help Mexican American children and parents, will that be offered for other diverse culturally people as well, and if so what research would be done to go about a tailored programs for individuals?

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