Essay about Mental Health Care Treatment Is Effective By Reducing Recidivism

Essay about Mental Health Care Treatment Is Effective By Reducing Recidivism

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Numerous studies have been done to identify if all Americans have equal opportunity to receive proper mental health care treatment, the findings from these studies indicate that all Americans, due to financial barriers, do not have equal opportunities to receive proper mental health care treatment. (Burns, 2009) (Ojeda, Bergstress, 2008) Numerous studies have also shown that mentally ill Americans are overrepresented in U.S jails and prisons. (Raphael, Stoll 2013) (Skeem, Manchak, Peterson, 2011) (Redlich, Summers, Hoover, 2010) (Pustilnik, 2005) Due to a failing mental health care system that has resulted in prisons and jails housing more mentally ill Americans than mental health care facilities, the innovation of mental health courts has come about. (Pustilnik, 2005) Mental health courts sentence mentally ill offenders to treatment plans rather than incarcerating them in jails or prisons. (Barak, 2007) Marlee E. Moore and Virginia Hilday conducted a research study to measure if mental health courts treatments plans are effective by reducing recidivism. Moore and Hilday found that mentally ill defendants who fully completed the mental health courts treatment programs had re-arrest rate less than 25% of defendants with mental illness that attended traditional criminal courts. (Moore, Hiday, 2006)
Jonathan K. Burns highlighted the findings of a community survey that indicated that Americans do not have equal opportunity to receive proper mental health care treatment. (Burns, 2009) “A community survey in the US (a high-income country), for example, reported that low-income individuals cited financial barriers to accessing care. However, this was not the case in the Netherlands or in Canada, both HICs, where economic dispariti...

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...ental health courts. This suggests that an individual may be turned down in one mental health court and accepted in another. There should be clear and formal rules when it comes to mental health court selection criteria. I am not satisfied that I did not find information on the stigma of mental illness, the link between mental illness, homelessness and substance abuse. My research fits in, as the information regarding this social problem of inadequate mental health care and the overrepresentation mentally ill Americans in jails and prisons is well documented. Therefore, my hypothesis, that participants with a higher education level are more likely than participants with a lower education level to indicate that mentally ill convicted offenders should be institutionalized in a mental health treatment facility rather than incarcerated in jail or prison, is reasonable.

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