The Importance Of Crime Prevention

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Crime is everyone's business and so crime prevention should be tackled with a holistic approach and not on an individual basis. John Ruskin once said "punishment is the last and the least effective instrument in the hands of the legislator for the prevention of crime", and I strongly agree with this statement. For crime prevention to be effective; primary, secondary and tertiary crime prevention measures must work together to address the issue of crime.
Crime affects everyone, and particularly the resources of the government, hence the reason it is always one of the top items on the government's agenda. And so a number of initiatives and schemes can be introduced to help combat crime. In the case of primary crime prevention, the
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This works by helping to reduce the opportunities for criminal activity due to the constant presence of the police and the collaboration of community residents in the crime prevention and detection effort.
Scholars all over the world and in all different disciplines have highlighted poverty and unemployment as the major contributors to criminal activity. Additionally it has also been noted that
Education is the best weapon in combatting poverty and unemployment, and so, I believe that the school curriculum should be restructured to incorporate more vocational studies and career guidance for students. The reason for this is that some students may not be academically inclined and may fail standardized tests which may lead to failure to obtain the necessary requirements to secure gainful employment. This then could lead to unemployment and eventually to indulgence in criminal activity. If however, sufficient vocational and sporting disciplines are incorporated into the curriculum, it can create additional avenues for employment and/or self sustenance, thereby reducing the unemployment figures.
Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind the growth and viability of a country's
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If however, these communities are included in the community development programmes and receive proper representation from local and central government, then the attitude and mindset of these individuals can change.
Incarceration serves as a deterrent to crime, however, incarceration alone cannot effectively solve crime. Therefore, the justice system needs to incorporate supplementary programmes to better help in the rehabilitation of inmates. These programmes should seek to tackle the root of the problem so as to lower the chances of that individual re-offending. For example, if an individual committed an offense while under the influence of drugs, enrolling that individual in a drug rehabilitation programme can reduce that individual's chances of re-offending. Same applies for violence and abuse. These programmes, coupled with skills training, counselling, group therapy and access to education, can significantly add to the rehabilitation process and prepare an inmate for reintegration into society.
Also the justice system should invest in alternative sentencing, particularly for first time offenders.
This is so because an individual can make a mistake and find themselves before the law, and
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