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The Mental Health Act ( Mha ) Essay example

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Occupational therapy is a form of therapy for those recuperating from physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required of daily life (O’Brien & Hussey, 2012; American Occupational Therapy Association [AOTA], 2014). The goal of OT intervention is to increase the ability of the client to engage in everyday activities, for example, feeding, dressing, bathing, leisure, work, education (O’Brien & Hussey, 2012; & AOTA, 2014).
The Mental Health Act (MHA) is the law which sets out when you can be admitted, detained, and treated in hospitals against your wishes. It is also known as being ‘sectioned’ (Institute of psychiatry, psychology, & neuroscience, 2014). For this to happen, certain people must agree that you have a mental disorder that requires a stay in the hospital (Institute of psychiatry, psychology, & neuroscience, 2014). Many patients are referred to rehab or a clinic for therapy after being examined by the doctor; they will be able to determine which health professionals to refer you too. Under the mental health act a person part of the “behavioral and mental health professionals” allows people to be detained in the hospital without approval. The (MHA) falls under those of 16 years and older who are unable to make decisions for themselves. A few examples would be, unable to understand information relevant to the decision, unable to retain information, unable to weigh up and use the information to make the decision, or unable to communicate their decision (Institute of psychiatry, psychology, & neuroscience, 2014). Also those who may lack capacity may come from dementia, a severe learning disability, a brain injury, a mental health condition, or a stroke (NHS...

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