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Occupational science is an emerging academic discipline which is based on the traditional values and beliefs of the occupational therapy practice as articulated by Adolph Meyer, (Yexer ,1993), (Reilly, 1962) and others. It draws on a range of theories, research methodologies and approaches in order to understand humans as occupational beings. Also, it assumes that people’s experiences in engagement in meaningful and purposeful occupations influences both performance and intrinsic motivation ( Haertl, 2007) (Wilcock ,2001) states that it is essential to break it down into occupations and science. Occupations are daily activities that provide structure for living, reflect cultural values and have meanings for individuals. In addition, the science aspect is the gathering of knowledge through systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials and available resources that informs practice. The information therapist seeks for is that which has been critically appraised by other authors for validity and interpretability when planning and implementing treatment.This evidence based practice is usually defined as'the conscientious, explicit,and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients’ (Dirette et al, 2009). Occupational science in practice enables therapists to understand the patient as an occupational being, thus enabling the therapist to implement assessments that are occupationally focused, especially during the early stages of the occupational therapy process. An understanding of occupation and its science dimension enables the therapist to gain knowledge about how patients orchestrate their lives through the doing of occupations in any given context. The occupational therapy proce... ... middle of paper ... ...e-based knowledge to inform the therapy practice. It also assists with furthering the therapist’s knowledge of humans as occupational beings as well as the relationship between occupation and health.(Yexer ,1993) introduced occupational science as a fundamental science supporting occupational therapy, with an aim to refocus the provision of therapy back to occupation. Hence, occupational science provides the therapists with support, justifies the meaning and uniqueness of the profession and distinguishes occupational therapy from other professions. In addition (Wilcock, 2001), also emphasises that occupational science might be another way to avoid the possible failure of the occupational therapy as a practice. With a strong research background, occupational therapists could make a contribution to medical science, which may challenge it from a different standpoint.

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