Meditating The Gospel of Luke Essay

Meditating The Gospel of Luke Essay

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Meditating The Gospel of Luke
Basic theme
Luke didn't mean to write history or biography. As a faithful companion of a missionary wrote the great Paul, for her faith is a question of life or death. In accordance with it his Gospel is not intended as a bouquet is a historical Handbook, and absolutely not the result of speculation-philosophical speculation or research results is dry. Luke believes Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and God. With piety, seriousness and precision he ensure the validity of all the essential facts about the history of the Gospel; from the vast amounts of information that could be trusted and has already been gathered. He chose what helped her most pointed to good news about his Redemption in a way such that. That every believer can know certainty concerning the things which he had taught (Luke. 1: 4). (Albright dan Mann)
From the beginning to the end of the Luke focus attention to Jesus that have come to seek and to save that ' lost ' (19: 10). His Gospel is the proclamation of Jesus Christ as son of God, who has the strength and power to save sinners. The revelation of Jesus as our Savior and God Almighty is the principal theme of the Gospel. Already since the first chapter of Luke, given the fact that Angel, who preaches about the birth of the Savior at the forthcoming, ordered that his mention of the name Mary of Jesus (i.e. the Savior) and added "he will be great and will be called son of the highest God ' (1: 31-32). (Balchin)
And in the next chapter when he announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Angels call her ' Savior ... which is Christ the Lord "(2: 11). Even where Luke recounts the history of John the Baptist, he actually was busy telling Jesus as Redeemer and Lord. John's w...

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