The Gospel of Luke

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The Gospel of Luke

I chose to read The Gospel of Luke for my project. It is said that The Gospel of Luke was written somewhere between 80 CE - 90 CE. The Gospel of Luke was written for Theophilus, who was called “Friend of God”. But The Gospel was also written for a wider audience, including converts and potential converts.

One thing that surprised me while reading the Gospel of Luke was how much of Jesus’ life they skipped. In one paragraph he was a baby, and in the next paragraph he was twelve years old. Another thing I found in the gospel that I never thought about before was that they sing songs. That never crossed my mind but I think it’s really cool.

One thing that I never really understood or thought about before was when people say to “Love your Enemies”. I suppose I haven’t put much thought into it but I never understood. But now that I read the passage “Love for Enemies”, Luke 6: 27-36, it finally makes sense! It’s saying that you need to do for others, what you want them to do for you. Why should you receive a blessing if you only love those who love you, do good to only those who do good to you, and lend only to people you believe will give it back? God is good to the ungrateful and the wicked, and we should be merciful just like him.

The passage that I found to be most meaningful to me was “Judging Others”, Luke 6: 37-41. I know that when you meet somebody for the first time, within the first three minutes of meeting them, a first impression is made. Yet it is important that you do not judge others, so God will not judge you. It was said perfectly in the passage, “The measure you will use for others, is the one God will use for you” Luke 6: 38.

My favorite parable is “The Parable of the Sower”, Luke 8: 4-...

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... reading Luke’s Gospel I felt very knowledgeable of Jesus’ life. I enjoyed reading the Gospel because it isn’t like an ordinary book, nor is it something I read everyday. It was different than I had expected. And a much easier read than I thought it was going to be. Reading the Bible was different because you were being taught lessons, as well as hearing many stories. What was enjoyable is that some of the stories, had lessons in them! Also I got some humor out of reading Luke’s Gospel. Gospels are not boring and serious like I had anticipated them to be. I think this is going to encourage me to read more!

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